MR44BC AcrEase Rough Cut Mower



Large Gas Tank

3 Gal gas tank that provides about 3 hours of run time.

Blade Engagement

The mower uses a manual lever engagement system.

Height Adjustment

The cutting height is easily adjusted from 2″ – 8″ by turning a single crank.

Large Engines

The AcrEase Rough Cut Mowers come with large 20 HP electric start engines.

Four Tire Design

The four tire design used on the AcrEase provides a great deal of stability and allows the mower to traverse very rough ground. The four tire design also allows the AcrEase to use a free pivoting tongue which eliminates bind ups. The design also places the tires within the width of the deck allowing for an obstruction free trim edge on both sides of the mower.

Deck Design

The main deck and side plates are built out of 8 GA (.164″) steel. The backbone of the deck is an open channel design that is built out of 7 GA (.179″) thick steel. There is also an additional 1/4″ thick steel plate welded in the blade spindle mounting location. The three layers of steel in the blade spindle mounting area add up to over 9/16″ thick.

ATV Tongue
The ATV Tongue comes standard on the AcrEase Rough Cut Mowers and will allow for rapid transitions between direct behind and full offset pulling. The ATV Tongue is adjustable from side to side when overlap adjustments need to be made. The ATV Tongue also features a farm clevis which provides more degrees of motion than standard hitching systems. This is necessary because the AcrEase can be used on terrain that would bind up standard hitching systems such as a ball hitch.

Blade Spindles and Twin Blades

The blade spindles used on the AcrEase are built out of heavy duty welded steel hubs, 30 mm (1-3/16″) shafts, machined steel blade holders and large 30 mm bearings. These spindles are capable of handling 2″ diameter saplings and other unforeseen objects without any worry about bending. The twin blade design on the AcrEase provides more of a mulch action that reduces the size of the clippings and reduces bunching.


Cutting Deck
Engine Make Briggs & Stratton   Number of Blades 2 -23”
Engine Model Commercial Turf OHV   Blade Tip Speed (ft/min) 19,000
Engine HP 20   Cutting Width 44”
Lubrication Method Pressure w/ Filter   Cutting Height 2.0” – 8.0”
Electric Start Yes   Height Adjustment Method Single Crank Assy.
Fuel Tank Size 3 gal.   Blade Engagement Clutch Manual
Hour Meter/Tachometer Yes   Deck Metal Thickness 8 GA
Oil Pressure Shut Off Yes   Deck Top Plate Thickness 7 GA w/ ¼” Plate at Blade Spindles
Weight 530 lbs.   Drive Method 1 B Section “V” Belt
Pneumatic Fixed Rear Tire 15/600X6, 4 ply Tubeless   Class Mower Rough Cut (Rear Discharge)
Front Tires on Casters 5.30/4.50X6, 4 ply Tubeless   ATV Tongue Standard