We fill and requalified propane tanks.  After 10 years, a propane tank needs to be requalified.  Requalification includes an inspection of the tank.  Tanks can not be rusted, dented, or have the old style valve.  After inspection, tanks will be stamped with the new date. Once a tank has been requalified, the tank is good for another 5 years until it will need to be requalified again.  This is a state & federal requirement.

Propane Prices – Refills

Cylinder Size            Price
10 lb.                         $5.50
20 lb.                         $11.00
30 lb.                         $17.00
40 lb.                         $22.00

New Filled Cylinders/Tanks

Cylinder Size            Price
20 lb.                        $49.95
30 lb.                        $75.00
40 lb.                        $103.95

New Cylinder/Tanks

100 lb.                  $149.95

RV, Fork Lift, & 100 lb. tanks charged by the gallon
$1.95 per gallon