450X Automower (Robotic)



Robotic lawn mowing is all about reliability.  Husqvarna has during 20 years of development refined its mower concept to achieve the highest level of reliability, quality and cutting result, with a minimum of assistance.

Excellent Cutting Results

Thanks to the free movement pattern of Husqvarna Automower® the lawn is perfectly cut, achieving a beautiful and carpet-like look.  The razor-sharp blades cut the grass gently from all directions, helping it to grow strong.  Moss growth is effectively prevented.

Automower® Connect
Automower® Connect gives you full control of the mower right in your smartphone. You can send start, stop and park commands, check and adjust the settings, and also receive alarms and track your mower’s position in case of theft – wherever you are.

GPS-assisted navigation

An onboard GPS system creates a map of the garden, including where the boundary and guide wires are installed. Husqvarna Automower® will then register which parts of the garden it has covered and adjusts its mowing pattern accordingly. This will ensure optimized lawn coverage and an excellent cutting result.


Cutting Deck
Working Area Capacity (±20) 1.25 Acre   Cutting System 3 Pivoting Razor Blades
Charging System Automatic   Cutting Width 9.45 in
Maximum Incline at Boundary Wire 15%   Cutting Height, max (approx.) 2.4 in
      Cutting Height, min (approx.) 0.8 in
Color Granite Grey   Battery Type Li-ion
Weight 30.6 lbs   Typical Charging Time 75 min
Product Size Height 12.2  in   Typical Mow Time on 1 Charge 260 min
Product Size Length 28.3 in   Mean Energy Consumption at Max Use 1.25 Acre
Product Size Width 22.0 in   Power Consumption During Cutting 35 W
Sound & Noise
Keypad 19 Buttons   Sound Level Guaranteed 59 dB(A)
Information Panel LCD Display w/ Settings Menu      
Timer Yes      
Handle Type Integrated      
Wheel Threads Coarse      
Alarm High      
PIN Code Yes      
Installation Lock Yes      
Time Lock Yes      
Lift Sensor Yes      
Tilt Sensor Yes      
Extra Blades 9 pcs      
Loop Wire 0 ft      
Staples 0 pcs